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Hippers Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel HIPPERS – Assemble Series! Introducing the second piece of the notable Sonny Angel HIPPERS variety: Harvest Series! In this series, Sonny Angel is wearing striking natural item and veggie headgear and is climbing upwards in an adorable position!

HIPPERS Gather Series

The HIPPERS Gather Series is a decorating figure that can be associated with things around you with re-usable paste. With this series, you can value improving around phones and computers, yet moreover around eating tables, kitchens, and, shockingly, on window boxes so Sonny Angel can help your plants with creating!

Typical Sonny Angel

Sonny Angel Hippers are around a comparable size as a typical Sonny Angel. You can join Sonny Angel Hippers to any even out surface with the stuck tacky tape. You can moreover wipe out and reattach the concrete a couple of times.

12 sorts + chance of secret! Sold blind-boxed,

  • Thing weight: Around 25 ~ 29g
  • Thing material: ATBC-PVC
  • Thing size: Approx. W30 ~ 48 × H75 ~ 98 × D25 ~ 35/mm
  • Pack size: Approx. W50 × H102 × D45/mm
  • Organized box size : about W201 × H107 × D135/Mm

Generously note, conveyance date and thing subtleties may be changed, conceded or dropped without notice.



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