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How Has Technology Evolved the Entertainment Industry

Like all other fields, technology has taken over the entertainment industry as well. Many advancements have been made in the entertainment industry such as cutting-edge special effects, 3D and 4D television, 4K high-definition, virtual reality gaming, and new innovative musical instruments along with many other things. Like all technology-based innovation, media entertainment tools are also largely internet backed and require a stable internet connection such as the Spectrum home internet which provides high-speed undisrupted internet connectivity. 


The music industry has advanced considerably with the technology, starting with a “record” which was a large disc then making its way to compact discs, MP3, and now, new and advanced online music applications that allow you to download your favorite songs sitting in the comfort of your home.

Virtual instruments and musical software such as MIDI help create sounds that were not possible to make in the past. Musicians are making use of this software to make new and innovative music that appeals greatly to the newer generation.

With technological progress, the following changes are experienced in the music industry

  • Easy access to music
  • Improved quality 
  • Advent of online streaming services such as Spotify, Youtube, and numerous others. 
  • Easy recognition through digital platforms that showcase new talent.

Movies and Television 

Online streaming services have taken over traditional cable television networks. It provides viewers with an abundant choice of programs, from all genres to choose from. Viewers feel more in control and are swayed by the choices they received. Moreover, they have the liberty to watch their shows when they please rather than following a fixed time for their favorite shows which further increases the popularity of digital television.


3D technology, Augmented, and Virtual reality have changed the gaming perspective. It is now much more advanced than it was in the 90s or the arcade era. People into gaming have large separate PCs at home to play their games. The special effects used in these games are unmatched and their level of advancement is such that a layman may not first be able to play these games without guidance. This new generation of games comes from a concept called Gamification.

Sports Betting 

5G technology has enabled faster betting procedures. Fans can now make a closer bet using AI and VR technologies for betting. They also make use of artificial intelligence to make a better bet.

Improved Engagement 

Social media platforms have enabled users to interact with their favorite celebrities or brands easily. If celebrities are active on social media and like sharing snippets of their lives through features like reels, videos, and pictures. Their followers can see and comment on them directly. Celebrities can also reply to their fans, which creates a better bond between the two, and fans feel close to their favorite stars. Fans can also give feedback on their latest work which allows them to improve or make better choices.

Twitter is another way for people to express themselves over a social issue or any latest happening. People can comment under the post expressing their thoughts.

Netflix on the other hand has affected cinema going to a great level. Viewers are more comfortable watching movies and tv shows in their homes at their leisure. Moreover, they have a huge variety of content from different genres to choose from which is the most attractive feature of the streaming service for its clients. 


Social media is the new platform for easy fame. Many people have made their profiles public and share content which increases their following and eventually their account gets verified. They are famously called “bloggers” or now “influencers” as many people take their suggestions seriously and brands approach them to market their products. Most followed blogs are generally related to food, lifestyle, fashion, and health. 

Celebrities use their social media platforms to bag marketing contracts with big companies where a single post they make about the brand earns them millions of dollars. Thus, social media has become an easy way to gain popularity at zero expense.


Almost all famous social media apps have a policy of monetization after an account reaches a certain level. The apps start paying the content creators as they attract traffic to the platform. Many social media influencers and YouTubers are now millionaires solely by creating content that appeals to their target audience. Youtubers make all sorts of videos ranging from food channels to lifestyle channels. Some have Travel videos and some create content for children. There are unthinkable ideas that can be used to create content and earn money online. The best part about the monetization policy is that it is not restricted to any one region and people all over the world can benefit from it. 



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