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How the conatural alfatah is much more useful now

Connatural is the brainchild of two sisters, Moira Qureshi and Reema Taseer, with the conviction that the items they produce are the most flawless, uncontaminated, pure, feeding and successful. Regular’s point is to fabricate excellence items in Pakistan, with individuals understanding the contaminated climate around them and the poisonous synthetics found as fixings in beauty care products. Myra and Reema needed to give excellence answers for rouse engage and teach individuals and cause them to understand the significance of sound fixings in magnificence items, which are protected to utilize. Subsequently, Regular was conceived. Myra and Reema needed to make 100 percent regular and natural items free of parabens, triclosan, silicones, sulfates, and so forth.

Suitable to Asians

After broad exploration and testing of the definitions on Pakistani skin, the items were created to suit and work on Asian skin. Connatural doesn’t have confidence in creature testing and is without savagery. Normal items are guaranteed veggie lover. Over a time of 4 years, research was led and ISO 22716 ensured Great Assembling Cycles were utilized with standard SOPs to furnish purchasers with what is presently known as Normal. The items are likewise EU security tried. Right now, the brand is currently acquiring enlistment with the Pakistan Norms and Quality Control Authority.

The point needed focus

Connatural expects to involve all regular and natural fixings in its items to give its clients the right detailing and strength and the best skin and hair care items. You must have to focus on the things you require and it will be the choice to conduct with the normal options and having some distinguished elements with it. Now it is clear as much you can conduct to occupied and having some testimonials will be regarded as beneficial with it.

What is the Transporting?

Connatural endeavors to guarantee that items arrive at our clients as fast as could really be expected. An affirmation email is sent when a request is gotten and acknowledged.

Orders leave the distribution center inside 48 working hours after request affirmation and affirmation of subtleties.

How the delivering cross country

All over Pakistan, standard delivery paces of PKR 200 apply for conveyances, paying little mind to bundle size. Blue X Messenger Administration is liable for conveyance across Pakistan. Orders can arrive at their objective in 2-4 working days. For Lahore, transporting is finished by Connatural itself, not a messenger administration, so arranges arrive at their objective inside 2 working days.

Global Delivery options

For global delivery send an email to sales @ conaturalintl. The Connatural group will hit you up with an objective quote.

Delivering Deferral considerations

On the off chance that there is a delivery delay, reacb Conatural deals at conaturalintl or call 92 321 5777 533.

Trades and returns

Conatural at present doesn’t have a trade strategy, or a discount strategy. Notwithstanding, there is a 7-day generosity trade strategy, on the off chance that the item is returned for a trade.

Agreements apply, for example,

  • Thing should in unique bundle.
  • The seal ought to stay in one piece.
  • The bundling isn’t harmed or broken.
  • Returns should be paid by the client.


Retractions should be made at the earliest opportunity so that orders are not sent. Scratch-off, nonetheless, relies upon regardless of whether the orders have been transported. Likewise, on the off chance that a request has been transported, orders are not dropped. If you are interested to get more ideas and solutions then visit here and find out the classifications are generally great to include the significant issues.



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